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Joseph F. Eska and Ronald I. Kim

Nusta Carranza Ko, Jeong-Nam Kim, Song I. No and Ronald Gobbi Simoes


Overcoming geographic, cultural, and linguistic differences, the second phase of the Korean wave Hallyu made its mark in Latin America. From the results of the field research conducted in two Latin American countries Brazil and Peru during the summer of 2012, this study examines the effects of the second wave of Hallyu on Peruvian society. In doing so, it regards the demographics, education level, and socio-economic status of the Hallyu consumer groups that reflects the situation of inequality and escapism embedded in Peruvian society. The continuous access to a different culture, distinct from that of one’s own reality through a virtual environment of cyberspace may be a reflection of the individual’s own awareness of despair in the reality in which they find themselves, characterized by inequality and a cyclical nature of class differences.