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New Studies on Northern Britain in the Middle Ages
This publication is the culmination of an extended programme of conferences that have sought to mark the contribution of F. T. Wainwright to Pictish studies and, in particular, the 50th anniversary of The Problem of the Picts. The book is firmly in the tradition of interdisciplinary scholarship Wainwright did so much to promote and brings together much fresh thinking on the archaeological, art-historical, place name and historical understanding of Northern Britain in the second half of the first millennium AD. Within a wider, European framework it addresses questions of landscape, material culture and mentalities, revealing some of the different strategies by which the Picts made their world. All the studies are accessibly presented to serve the interests of students, teachers and anyone interested in the roots of European civilisation.
Contributors are Barbara E. Crawford, Nicholas Evans, Iain Fraser, James Fraser, Meggen Gondek, Stratford Halliday, Andrew Heald, Kellie Meyer, Gordon Noble, Robert D. Stevick, Simon Taylor and Sarah Winlow.
Les avant-gardes inventent dès leur début au XXe siècle des politiques et une forme spécifique du politique, et le surréalisme va le plus loin dans l'interpénétration des domaines politiques et artistiques. A la différence des autres mouvements d'avant-garde historiques, le modèle du surréalisme est encore un défi pour nombre d'écrivains et d'artistes d'aujourd'hui, et ne serait-ce qu'en tant que mort-vivant. Voulant reconduire l'art dans la vie, donc aussi dans la politique et le politique, le surréalisme envisage une transformation de la société mais se révèle finalement résistant contre tous les totalitarismes.
Les contributions de ce volume analysent selon quelle politique artistique le surréalisme peut établir et pratiquer cette position politique, unique dans l'art et la littérature du XXe siècle. Ils abordent ce sujet de perspectives théoriques et médiatiques et des points de vue de la littérature, de l’art, de l’histoire et de la communication. Les essais s'occupent aussi bien de sujets, d'oeuvres et d'auteurs représentatifs du surréalisme historique que du surréalisme d'après-guerre et de sa réception d'aujourd'hui. Ils posent ainsi la question de la nécessité et des possibilités d'un nouvel engagement politique de l'art et de la littérature contemporains.
The Cambridge Colloquia
Editor: T.J. Cribb
This book is the record of a colloquium held at Churchill College, Cambridge. It pursues lines of discussion radiating out from the core theme of the power of the image (understood in its pictorial, iconic, sensory and verbal senses). Writers, scholars and artists are grouped in pairs representing the two language-cultures (English and French). Central topics covered include the manifold ways in which our readings of pictorial images old and contemporary can bridge cultures, language politics and the politics of culture, the limitless and instructive senses of the concept of the ‘word’, the relation between orality and the written text, the implications of the act of writing, history and opera, the word in theatre, the influence of the Nobel Prize…. The terms of discussion universally urbane, effortlessly wide-ranging and deeply probing. Most importantly – and a reminder of how best to ensure literate wisdom in intercultural debate – is the fact that the contributors gathered here have avoided all ‘pre-packaging’ of their reflections in the shibboleth ‘discourses' (whether Freudian, poststructuralist, postmodern or postcolonial) of our time.
Contributors are: Anthony Kwame Appiah, Biyi Bandele, Jacques Chevrier, Tim Cribb, Irène d’Almeida, Casimir d’Angelo, Assia Djebar, Akin Euba, Christiane Fioupou, Lorna Goodison, Wilson Harris, Marika Hedin, Gerard Houghton, Abiola Irele, Anny King, John Kinsella, Henri Lopés, Daniel Maximin, Femi Osofisan, Niyi Osundare, Ato Quayson, Alain Ricard, Tracy Ryan, Julien Sinzogan, Alioune Sow, Wole Soyinka, George Steiner, Véronique Tadjo, Maria Tippett, Olabiyi Yaï
Literary Representations of Christianity in Late Qing and Republican China contributes to the “literary turn” in the study of Chinese Christianity by foregrounding the importance of literary texts, including the major genres of Chinese Christian literature (novels, drama and poetry) of the late Qing and Republican periods. These multifarious types of texts demonstrated the multiple representations and dynamic scenes of Christianity, where Christian imageries and symbolism were transformed by linguistic manipulation into new contextualized forms which nurtured distinctive new fruits of literature and modernized the literary landscape of Chinese literature. The study of the composition and poetics of Chinese Christian literary works helps us rediscover the concerns, priorities, textual strategies of the Christian writers, the cross-cultural challenges involved, and the reception of the Bible.
A Modern Sufi Odyssey
This book demonstrates that the most forceful contribution to George Gurdjieff's world-view is Sufism, understood as the tradition of seeking truth wherever it can be found, especially at the meeting place of the world religions. Gurdjieff's masterpiece, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, is philosophically analyzed in its use of literary devices to jolt the reader into radical transformation.
Western scholars of ancient Chinese ceramics have long thought blue and white porcelain manufactured before the Ming (1368-1644 A.D.), dates to the Yuan (1279-1368 A.D.). Even in China today these porcelains are still termed “ Yuan Blue and White.” Based upon first-hand surveys of sites in Inner Mongolia, Adam T. Kessler’s Song Blue and White Porcelain on the Silk Road demonstrates that blue and white was made during the Song (960-1279 A.D.) ended up in the hands of the Xi Xia (1038-1226 A.D.) and the Jin (1115-1234 A.D.). Blue and white found today in hoards was buried prior to Mongol invasions of China in the 1200s. Sites from the Philippines to Egypt have yielded Song blue and white. Also reviewed is the cobalt-bearing ore used by Song China to create blue and white.
The knowledge of papermaking spread slowly over Italy from the start of the thirteenth century. Scholarly interest in the history of Italian paper manufacture has concentrated especially on the earliest period. Research into paper from the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries has lagged somewhat behind. Watermarks are extremely important for investigating the origins of paper. This book offers high quality x-rays and descriptions of ca. three hundred Italian watermarks. A selection of paper produced in different areas of Italy is presented with an identification.
Visuelle Ästhetik der Transgression
Bildern wird überraschend viel zugetraut. Hinter der vielfach erhobenen Rede von der Macht der Bilder steht eine noch wenig erforschte Faszination für die Kraft von Bildmedien, die sich kaum in den engen Grenzen eines Bilderrahmens, einer Kinoleinwand oder eines Bildschirms bändigen lässt. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes, die von der Kunstgeschichte bis zur Kulturwissenschaft, von der Astrophysik bis zur Philosophie und Medienwissenschaft reichen, erörtern die vielfältigen Phänomene einer Transgression solcher Rahmungen. Das gemeinsame Interesse richtet sich hierbei auf Formen der Überschreitung des Visuellen und deren ästhetische, epistemologische, soziale und medientheoretische Funktionen; kurz: auf maßlose Bilder.