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Affect and Mathematics Learning

Concluding Comments

Gilah C Leder

Stepping Stones for the 21st Century

Australasian Mathematics Education Research

Edited by Gilah C. Leder and Helen Forgasz

Over the years a number of "must read" articles and book chapters have appeared—work that has formed the foundational stepping stones of mathematics education research for the 21st century. Twelve such seminal articles have been reproduced in this book. Each is accompanied by two independent appraisals of the longer term impact of the work within and beyond the mathematics education research community. Collectively these writings cover a wide range of topics and provide a broad overview of the outstanding contributions of Australasian mathematics education research prior to 2000.

Edited by Ángel Gutiérrez, Gilah C. Leder and Paulo Boero

Since its establishment in 1976, PME (The International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education) is serving as a much sought after venue for scientific debate among those at the cutting edge of the field, as well as an engine for the development of research in mathematics education. A wide range of research activities conducted over the last ten years by PME members and their colleagues are documented and critically reviewed in this handbook, released to celebrate the Group’s 40 year anniversary milestone.
The book is divided into four main sections: Cognitive aspects of learning and teaching content areas; Cognitive aspects of learning and teaching transverse areas; Social aspects of learning and teaching mathematics; and Professional aspects of teaching mathematics. The selection for each chapter of a team of at least two authors, mostly located in different parts of the world, ensured effective coverage of each field. High quality was further enhanced by the scrupulous review of early chapter drafts by two leaders in the relevant field. The resulting volume with its compilation of the most relevant aspects of research in the field, and its emphasis on trends and future developments, will be a rich and welcome resource for both mature and emerging researchers in mathematics education.

Ángel Gutiérrez, Gilah C. Leder and Paolo Boero

Ángel Gutiérrez, Gilah C. Leder and Paolo Boero

Ángel Gutiérrez, Gilah C. Leder and Paolo Boero

Gilah C Leder and Helen J Forgasz