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Legal Traditions and Community Life in Mediaeval Egypt and Palestine
This book is the first comprehensive study of legal, historical and economic aspects of marriage as practised during the Middle Ages, in Egypt and Palestine, by members of distinct Jewish movement known as Karaism. This study is based on original mediaeval manuscripts written in Hebrew, and recovered from the famous Cairo Geniza. Sixty-five manuscripts, most of them previously unpublished, are edited and translated in the second part of the book. The detailed and accessible analysis of their contents, language, formulation and palaeography sheds a new light on Karaite legal and linguistic tradition, and provides a unique source for our understanding of early Karaism, and of Mediaeval Jewish History in general.
New Discoveries in Old Book Bindings. European Genizah Texts and Studies Volume 2
Books within Books presents some recent findings and research projects on the fragments of medieval Hebrew manuscripts discovered in the bindings of other manuscripts and early printed books across Europe. This is the second collection of interdisciplinary articles on Hebrew binding fragments presenting current scholarship and its international scope.

From the contemporary perspective, the fragments of medieval Hebrew manuscripts preserved until today, through their numbers (estimated 30,000 fragments, so more than double of the number of the known Hebrew volumes produced in medieval Europe ), the texts they carry (some of them have been previously unknown), the insights into book making techniques and finally their economic impact, are an unprecedented source for our knowledge of the Hebrew book culture and literacy as well as the economic and intellectual exchanges between the Jewish minority and their non-Jewish neighbours.
A Universal Art. Hebrew Grammar Across Disciplines and Faiths reflects on medieval and early modern Hebrew linguistics as a discipline that crossed geographic and religious borders and linked up with a plethora of scholarly activities, from Judaeo-Arabic Bible translations to the Renaissance search for the holiest alphabet. This collection of articles presents a cross-section of new research avenues on Hebraism, Karaite, Rabbanite and Christian, with an emphasis on the transmission of linguistic ideas through time and space among different communities, cultures and religious currents. The resulting picture is one of intrinsic variation and dynamic growth as opposed to the linear paradigm of development, culmination and stagnation current in the historiography of Hebrew linguistics.
A Critical Edition and English Translation of al-Kitāb al-Kāfī fī al-Luġa al-ʿIbrāniyya by ʾAbū al-Faraj Hārūn ibn al-Faraj
The book, consisting of two volumes, presents a critical edition and an annotated English translation of the work on Hebrew grammar al-Kitāb al-Kāfī fī al-Luġa al-'Ibārniyya by the medieval Karaite grammarian 'Abū al-Faraj Hārūn Ibn Faraj. This was one of the most important works on Hebrew grammar that was written in the Middle Ages, which, however, was lost to knowledge for several centuries and is here recovered from medieval manuscripts for the first time in a modern edition.
In addition to the text edition and translation, the book contains an introduction on the background of the text and the codicology of the manuscripts.
This publication will be of interest not only to Hebraists and Biblical scholars but also to scholars concerned with the history of linguistic thought and medieval thought in general.