Archäologische und Philologische Studien zu einem altorientalischen Dämon


Nils Heeßel

The book analyses the Mesopotamian demon Pazuzu both from an archaeological and a philological point of view. Based on a catalogue of all published, as well as some yet unpublished representations, its iconography, the chronology, the find spots, and the usage of the objects are examined. With transcriptions, translations and commentary on the Pazuzu incantations and the references to this demon in other texts. The combination of the archaeological and philological evidence results in a new and unexpected picture of Pazuzu.

Graf, Fritz (Princeton), Heeßel, Nils (Heidelberg) and Jansen-Winkeln, Karl (Berlin)

Edited by Tzvi Abusch, Ann Guinan, Nils Heeßel, Francesca Rochberg and Frans Wiggermann

Graf, Fritz (Columbus, OH), Heeßel, Nils (Heidelberg) and Jansen-Winkeln, Karl (Berlin)