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W.J.T. Kirby

The Pro Cluentio is Cicero's longest extant speech. In antiquity it was particularly esteemed, by the orator himself as well as others; Quintilian cites it more than any other oration of Cicero. But its very length, and the complexity of the legal situation, have deterred many readers from giving it the attention it deserves. "The Rhetoric of Cicero's Pro Cluentio" is the first full-length discursive treatment of the speech as a whole. Each chapter has an introductory section on the rhetorical problem at hand, including valuable general information on ancient rhetorical theory and practice. The eclectic critical method, beginning from an Aristotelian/Quintilianic basis, advances some new theoretical models for the understanding of invention in Roman ora-tory.

Fictus Adulter

Poet as Actor in the Amores

J.T. Davis