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David T. Goodger and Allan Watson

The 411 currently recognized and described species of tiger-moths of the Afrotropical Region are catalogued in this book. Fourteen new synonymies are established together with 44 new combinations and 8 reversions to original combinations of genus group and species group names. Six generic and 7 species group names are removed from synonymy and re-established as valid names. One name has been changed in status from species to subspecies, and another the reverse. The diagnostic features of each genus are presented and a brief summary is given of species that are probably wrongly placed generically. The male genitalia of type species of most genera are illustrated by half-tone photographs and the whole moth by colour photographs. Twenty genera have been removed from the Arctiidae and placed in the families Noctuidae, Lymantriidae or Geometridae. One species has been transferred to the Notodontidae.