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William Gleeson

Abstract The American Civil War was the first conflict to be massively documented by photographs. Yet, this visual record is by no means comprehensive especially since the war was mostly photographed from a Northern perspective. Apart from the near absence of images of the Confederacy, other absences haunt the photographs and invite reflection: the physical absence of the living bodies, sometimes the complete absence of human bodies leaving only the scarred landscape left by war, and above all the absence of sound. This chapter ponders the difficulty of conveying the sounds of war in photography and seeks to discover in these inherently silent images the brutal indiscriminate noises engendered by the Civil War. This also involves analysing the gradual alteration of war sounds by the widening temporal distance between the photographs and their audiences.

Wynkyn de Worde and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

A Transcript. and Coll. of the 1498 Ed. with Caxton2 from the General Prologue through The Knight’s Tale


William F. Hutmacher