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Sayyid Aḥmad ʿAlawī al-ʿĀmilī

Edited by Ḥāmid Nājī Iṣfahānī

The Sharḥ al-Qabasāt is a commentary on Mīr Dāmād’s (d. 1040/1630–31) last and famous philosophical work al-Qabasāt, short for Qabasāt ḥaqq al-yaqīn fī ḥudūth al-ʿālam. Founder of the so-called Ḥikmat-i Yamānī approach in philosophy, Mīr Dāmād is one of the prominent representatives of a group of thinkers that is usually referred to as the ‘School of Isfahan’. The author of the commentary, Sayyid Aḥmad ʿAlawī al-ʿĀmilī (d. 1054–60/1644–1650), was a son-in-law and former student of Mīr Dāmād, as well as of Shaykh Bahāʾ al-Dīn ʿĀmilī (d. 1030/1621). With around fifty titles to his name in various disciplines, rational and traditional sciences alike, Sayyid Aḥmad wrote the commentary at the request of Mīr Dāmād himself, but only completed it when the latter had passed away. A collection of glosses rather than a running commentary, this Arabic work bears testimony to the commentator’s extensive knowledge of the entire Islamic philosophical tradition.