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This research discussed an important issue of the Science of Hadith, most specifically related to the features of riwayah al-Hadith and condition of its delivery. The main questions of this research are: Is it necessary to pronounce the word “said” or “saying” while narrating the chain of Hadith? And if this word omitted – purposively or not purposively –, does it cause a big problem according to the rules of The science of Hadith? And are there special conditions for oral delivery that differ from writing? Thus, this study aims to answer these questions by referring to the scholars’ views and their reasons while selecting Ibn Shaqrun – one of the great scholars of Hadith – as a model who is among the first scholars that discussed this issue. Ibn shaqrun’s views and perspectives in this regard are analyzed and evaluated by using an analytical critical method. The study finally resulted to the permission of omitting the word “Said” or “saying” in both writing and oral delivery of the Hadith.

In: Al-Bayan: Journal of Qur'an and Hadith Studies