Snapshots from the Normal (Technical) World

A Case Study of Low-Track Students in Singapore


Masturah Ismail and Tan Aik Ling

The Language of Science

Alternative Lenses to Examining the Learning of Science


Tan Aik Ling and Lillian Soong


Edited by Yew-Jin Lee and Aik-Ling Tan

This book is a compilation of papers from the inaugural International Science Education Conference held at the National Institute of Education (Singapore). The title, Science Education at the Nexus of Theory and Practice, reflects a pressing yet ongoing concern worldwide to integrate theory and practice in science education and the reader will find something of interest to both science education practitioners and researchers. The editors have decided to engage in (written) dialogue before each of the three sections to enrich the experience. Divided into three key sections: (A) Concepts, conceptual change, and science learning; (B) science teacher development and learning; and (C) access to science, accessible science, the 19 chapters will engender food for thought, and in all likelihood, transform classroom practices. All the contributors here provide important insights into the diverse education systems, cultural backgrounds, and societal norms through which science education can be realized.

Environmental Education in Singapore

Learning to Manage Urban Landscapes and Futures

Kim Chwee Daniel Tan, Yew-Jin Lee and Aik-Ling Tan