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This paper explores the expansion of Dangote Cement into other African countries. It shows how diverse forces have affected the investment of Dangote in some of these African countries. Although both the Economic Community of West African States (ecowas) and the African Union (au, formerly the Organization for African Unity, oau) are supposed to help promote such intra-continental business expansion, the reality is more complex. While the advent of Dangote Cement into other African countries has helped promote competition, its investments and strategies in some of these African countries have been questioned. This paper also further demonstrates that adverse economic developments in Dangote Cement’s home country is now beginning to affect the company’s Pan African expansionist bid. Specifically, the recently deteriorating economic situation in Nigeria, which has resulted in the scarcity of foreign exchange, has forced Dangote to scale down its ambitious Pan African expansion plan.

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People en Route to Socio-Cultural and Economic Transformations
This book brings together in a comparative analysis the results of studies of the various cultural, social, economic and historical aspects that are formative in African societies’ experiences of how people negotiated the spaces and times of being in transit on the road to prosperity.
The book analyses the various outcomes of the process of mobility and the experience of spaces and times of transit across gender, generational, and class-differences. These experiences are explored and give insight into the socio-cultural and economics transformations that have taken place in African societies in the past century.

Contributors are:
Akinyinka Akinyoade, Walter van Beek, Marleen Dekker, Ton Dietz, Rijk van Dijk, Isaie Dougnon, Jan-Bart Gewald, Meike de Goede, Benjamin Kofi Nyarko, Samuel Ntewusu Aniegye, Taiwo Olabisi Oluwatoyin, Shehu Tijjani Yusuf, Augustine Tanle and Amisah Zenabu Bakuri.

In: African Roads to Prosperity
In: African Roads to Prosperity
In: Digging Deeper: Inside Africa’s Agricultural, Food and Nutrition Dynamics
In: African Roads to Prosperity
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