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In: Civil Society in Southeast Europe
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The Fine Feats of the Five Cockerels Gang is a Marxist-Surrealist Yugoslav epic poem for children, written by Aleksandar Vučo and accompanied by Dušan Matić’s photocollage illustrations and captions. The poem tracks the adventures of five scrappy, resourceful working-class boys who endeavor to free an equally plucky girl from the evil clutches of a convent school (and its fearsome nuns). While weighing in on various contemporary political issues, the story is unpredictable, action-packed and relayed in richly colloquial language. Matić’s photocollages show “what happened in the meantime” between the “songs” (episodes) of the poem, providing clever twists to the linear plot as well as an illustration of the surrealist concepts of time, space and the transformative capabilities of art.
In: The Fine Feats of the Five Cockerels Gang
In: The Fine Feats of the Five Cockerels Gang
In: The Fine Feats of the Five Cockerels Gang

This article examines the extent to which Serbia has implemented relevant international standards on action against transnational organised crime contained in the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime 2000. The first part explores key obligations with particular reference to prohibition of substantive offences, intelligence-led law enforcement (special investigative techniques), confiscation of criminal proceeds, as well as international law enforcement cooperation. The second part of the article analyses how these obligations are implemented by Serbia in reality by examining legislative frameworks as well as law enforcement practices. The main conclusion is that, while Serbia has taken some steps to implement international standards with a view to enhancing individual and collective actions against transnational organised crime, effective law enforcement is hampered by issues such as corruption and a lack of expertise, experience and resources.

In: European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice