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In: Indo-Iranian Journal
In: Indo-Iranian Journal
In: Indo-Iranian Journal
Series edited by Alexander Lubotsky
The Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series publishes the results of a major Leiden University project identifying and describing the common lexical heritage of the Indo-European languages. Under the supervision of Alexander Lubotsky, an international team of historical linguists has for more than a decade researched, collected and integrated a growing corpus of linguistic data. The data is published in a series of etymological dictionaries and will be concluded by the publication of a large Indo-European Etymological Dictionary, deemed as a successor of Julius Pokorny’s standard work published in 1959.

The Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series is also available online.
This series provides introductions to various Indo-European languages, with an emphasis on their historical development. Volumes in the series are published in paperback, aiming primarily at students interested in Indo-European Linguistics.

The series has published two volumes since 2014.
Papers in honor of Robert S.P. Beekes on the occasion of his 60th birthday
In: Evidence and Counter-Evidence: Essays in Honour of Frederik Kortlandt, Volume 1


In this article it is argued that we have to reconstruct a suffix *-ens- in a number of Indo-European nominal and verbal formations. This suffix seems to be identical with the IE suffix of the participles *-ent- and to have an Indo-Uralic origin.

In: The Precursors of Proto-Indo-European