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Iberian Books Volumes II & III / Libros Ibéricos Volúmenes II y III (2 vols)

Books published in Spain, Portugal and the New World or elsewhere in Spanish or Portuguese between 1601 and 1650 / Libros publicados en España, Portugal y el Nuevo Mundo o impresos en otros lugares en español o portugués entre 1601 y 1650

Edited by Alexander Samuel Wilkinson and Alejandra Ulla Lorenzo

Iberian Books II & III presents an indispensable foundational listing of everything known to have been published in Spain, Portugal and the New World, or of items printed in Spanish or Portuguese elsewhere, during the first half of the seventeenth century. Drawing on library catalogues, specialist bibliographies and studies, as well as auction catalogue records, Iberian Books lists 45,000 items, and the locations of some 215,000 copies surviving in 1,800 collections worldwide. These volumes offer a powerful research tool which will appeal to researchers, librarians and to the book selling and collecting communities. They will prove invaluable to anyone with a research interest in the literature, history and culture of the Iberian Peninsula in the early modern age.

This set supplements Iberian Books, which logs the Iberian print production up to 1601.

Los dos volúmenes de Iberian Books II & III ofrecen un registro pionero de todos los impresos publicados en España, Portugal y el Nuevo Mundo, o en español o portugués en otros lugares, entre 1601 y 1650. A partir del trabajo realizado en bibliotecas, la revisión de bibliografías especializadas y de catálogos de casas de subastas, Iberian Books recoge 45.000 impresos conservados en 215.000 ejemplares preservados en 1.800 colecciones de todo el mundo. Estos volúmenes ofrecen una herramienta de investigación de gran utilidad para investigadores, bibliotecarios, libreros y coleccionistas. Los dos volúmenes resultarán de enorme valor a todo aquel investigador interesado en la literatura, la historia y la cultura de la Península Ibérica de la Edad Moderna.
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A Maturing Market

The Iberian Book World in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century


Edited by Alexander Samuel Wilkinson and Alejandra Ulla Lorenzo

Within just a generation or two of its arrival, print had become a ubiquitous and spirited part of Spain and Portugal’s urban cultures. It serviced an ever-expanding reading public, as well as many and varied practical quotidian needs. Its impact on society was multi-dimensional and complex, and its social reach far broader than the civic or ecclesiastical elites were ever to be entirely comfortable with.
This cross-disciplinary volume of essays focuses on the maturing marketplace for print in the first half of the seventeenth century, shedding new light on some important transformations, with authors and publishers seizing opportunities available to them – negotiating the regulatory efforts of the censors, and scrambling to reconfigure their relationship with their readers.