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The present study examines Paul of Antioch’s (ca. 1200) Responses to the Muslim Sheikh—a set of three polemical treatises against an unnamed Muslim opponent. The article argues that this unnamed Muslim sheikh is likely identical with a certain “sheikh Abū l-Surūr al-Tinnīsī, the embroiderer”—the addressee of Paul’s Treatise on Oneness and Union. It also examines the three principle arguments of the Muslim opponent—(1) Good and evil are relative rather than absolute; (2) Christ’s miracles are to be interpreted figuratively; (3) All human actions are predetermined by God—and analyzes Paul’s responses.

In: Heirs of the Apostles
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Christian Arabic literature offers a rich, diverse, and hitherto insufficiently explored record of the social, cultural, and intellectual history of Middle Eastern Christians from the seventh century to the present. The Arabic Christianity series, the first of its kind, provides a unique forum for a comprehensive examination of all Christian communities in the Middle East by publishing editions and analyses of their literary heritage in Arabic. It also systematically explores connections between Christian Arabic and neighbouring fields, including Islamic studies.

The series welcomes original monographs and edited collections on Christian Arabic Studies, understood broadly, as well as critical editions and translations of Christian Arabic works. Interdisciplinary contributions on the relations between Christian Arabic and Islamic Studies, Byzantine Studies, Syriac Studies, Late Antique Studies, Early Modern Studies, Art History, and similar fields are particularly welcome. For submissions and inquiries, please contact the Series Editor ( or the Publisher (