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The Land Between Two Seas: Art on the Move in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea 1300-1700 focuses on the strong riverine ties that connect the seas of the Mediterranean system (from the Western Mediterranean through the Sea of Marmara, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov) and their hinterland. Addressing the mediating role of the Balkans between East and West all the way to Poland and Lithuania, as well as this region’s contribution to the larger Mediterranean artistic and cultural melting pot, this innovative volume explores ideas, artworks and stories that moved through these territories linking the cultures of Central Asia with those of western Europe.
In: The Land between Two Seas: Art on the Move in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea 1300–1700
In: Das Auge der Architektur
In: Synergies in Visual Culture / Bildkulturen im Dialog
Portable Archaeology and the Poetics of Influence
Using the Braudelian concept of the Mediterranean this volume focuses on the condition of “coastal exchanges” involving the Dalmatian littoral and its Adriatic and more distant maritime network. Spalato and Ragusa intersect with Constantinople, Cairo and Spanish Naples just as Sinan, Palladio and Robert Adam cross paths in this liquid expanse. Concentrating on materiality and on the arts, architecture in particular, the authors identify portability and hybridity as characteristic of these exchanges, and tease out expected and unexpected serendipitous moments when they occurred. Focusing on translation and its instruments these essays expand the traditional concept of influence by thrusting mobility and the "hardware" of cultural transmission, its mechanisms, rather than its effects, into the foreground.

Contributors include: Doris Behrens-Abouseif, SOAS, University of London; Joško Belamarić, Institute of Art History, Split; Marzia Faietti, Uffizi, Florence; Jasenka Gudelj, University of Zagreb; Cemal Kafadar, Harvard University; Ioli Kalavrezou, Harvard University; Suzanne Marchand, State University of Louisiana; Erika Naginski, Harvard University; Gülru Necipoğlu, Harvard University; Goran Nikšić, City of Split, Split; Alina Payne, Harvard University; Avinoam Shalem, Columbia University and David Young Kim, University of Pennsylvania
In: Dalmatia and the Mediterranean
In: Dalmatia and the Mediterranean
In: Dalmatia and the Mediterranean
In: Dalmatia and the Mediterranean
Zur Frage der Bildlichkeit in der Baukunst
Series:  Eikones
Zwei aktuelle Entwicklungen fordern die Architekturgeschichte dazu heraus, das Verhältnis von Bild und Bau zu überdenken: das verstärkte bildwissenschaftliche Interesse der Kunstwissenschaft und das Aufkommen eines Typs von Architektur, der versuchsweise als »iconic building« umschrieben worden ist.
Die Metapher vom »Auge der Architektur« spielt auf jene Momente an, in denen ein Bau aufgrund seiner bildlichen Qualität uns solcherart -anzusprechen- oder -anzublicken- scheint, dass wir ihn in gänzlich neuer Weise wahrnehmen.