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The Call of the Homeland

Diaspora Nationalisms, Past and Present


Edited by Allon Gal, Athena S. Leoussi and Anthony D. Smith

This book brings together an array of distinguished scholars to consider diaspora nationalism. Through theoretical, typological and case-specific essays that discuss the Jewish, Greek, Armenian, Irish, Turkish, Sikh, Ukrainian, Hindu, Pentecostal and Muslim diasporas, the book shows the varieties and qualities of attachment of diaspora communities to their ancestral homelands, and the role that hostlands as well as the immigrants play in the form and intensity of these attachments. Setting contemporary diaspora nationalisms in the context of globalisation, with its ever-developing methods of transportation and communication, the book further shows the emergence of new concepts of diaspora - new notions of being at home and away from home - and of new ways of creating and sustaining ethnic networks and contact with the homeland, such as the internet and tourism.