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Handbook on WTO Trade Remedy Disputes

The First Six Years (1995-2000)

Terence Stewart and Amy Dwyer

This unique HANDBOOK studies the important area of WTO trade remedy disputes. Since the WTO Agreement entered into force in 1995, over a third of all requests for consultations filed with the WTO have concerned a trade remedy dispute. The book summarizes over 40 decisions issued by WTO panels and the Appellate Body in trade remedy disputes during the first six years of the WTO Agreement. The issue—specific format of the book provides the legal researcher-whether practitioner, government official, or panelist—with a useful and concise guide to WTO precedent in trade remedy disputes.
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Terence Stewart, Amy Dwyer, Patrick McDonough, Marla Prado and Amy Karpel

This study looks at how the WTO’s existing rules, such as antidumping, antisubsidy and safeguard rules, have aided trade expansion and how certain issues, such as exchange rate disequilibrium, if left unexamined, are likely to create future trade problems and reduce trade opportunities.

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

Stewart Dwyer, Terence P. Amy S. and Stewart Dwyer, Terence P. Amy S.