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Revealing the Extraordinary:

The Lives of Unremarkable Men in the Age of Louis vii


Amy Livingstone

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Medieval Monks and Their World: Ideas and Realities

Studies in Honor of Richard Sullivan

Edited by David Blanks, Michael Frassetto and Amy Livingstone

This volume examines the world of the medieval monk. The first section of the volume is organized around the theme of monks and the world and explores the intersections between the secular and sacred. The second section is concerned with the ideological or intellectual lives of medieval monks. These essays examine the ideas that were important to monks and that shaped the intellectual discourse of the Middle Ages.

Contributors include: David R. Blanks, Constance B. Bouchard, Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom, Daniel F. Callahan, M.A. Claussen, John J. Contreni, Edith Wilks Dolnikowski, Michael Frassetto, Amy Livingstone, Kathleen Mitchell, and Steven A. Stofferahn.