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In: Consular Affairs and Diplomacy


In recent years there has been increasing interest in the literature regarding the changes that European integration has meant for the external administration of the member states. This article seeks to contribute to this study through analysis of an area that has received little attention until now: the Europeanization of consular affairs in the field of visa issuance. The article analyses the common visa policy and discusses its consequences for member states' management of overseas consular affairs. The main conclusion reached is that this policy has been a catalyst for change in the working of consular services, which have become part of networks of intergovernmental cooperation and have been progressively informed by Community norms and procedures. However, it would be premature to say that this process of change is paving the way for the emergence of a European consular administrative sphere. For the moment, the integrated management of consular affairs in the field of visas continues to be a mainly state-controlled process.

In: The Hague Journal of Diplomacy
Consular Affairs and Diplomacy analyses the multifaceted nature of diplomacy’s consular dimension in international relations. It contributes to our understanding of key themes in consular affairs today, the consular challenges that are facing the three great powers—the United States, Russia and China—as well as the historical origins of the consular institution in Europe.

Consular Affairs and Diplomacy breaks new ground in the field of diplomatic studies by illustrating how consular affairs can be understood in the broader context of diplomatic practice and vice versa. As a result, the much-neglected study of the consular institution may improve our understanding of contemporary diplomacy.