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Vladica Simić, Momir Paunović, Ana Petrović and Milka Rajković

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Ana Paunović, Zoltán Nagy, Michael Wink, Zoltán Korsós and Mátyás Bellaagh


The Caspian whipsnake (Squamata: Serpentes: Dolichophis caspius) reaches its northwestern distribution limit in Hungary where it is the single representative of its genus. Recently, several new localities of the species were discovered in Hungary. Focusing on these edge populations and on other ones in the western parts of the distribution, a phylogeographic study based on cytochrome b sequences was carried out. Thereby, a clear mitochondrial divergence was observed in Europe, with eastern and western haplotype groups found by analysing a number of specimens and populations. Our haplotype network analysis suggests a rather rapid postglacial (re)colonization of Europe by this snake species. In Hungary, three different haplotypes were detected.