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In: Early Christian Ethics in Interaction with Jewish and Greco-Roman Contexts
In: Flores Florentino
In: Flores Florentino
In: The Embroidered Bible: Studies in Biblical Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha in Honour of Michael E. Stone
In: Evolution, Cognition, and the History of Religion: A New Synthesis


Fictional texts often work to supply meaning to life, especially in uncertain situations. An excessive example is divination by means of authoritative texts. Despite likely prejudices, rhapsodomantics has a more general and ‘natural’ character, which Petersen highlights retrospectively from Churchill to Antiquity. The involved ritualization and randomness elicit representations of external communicating agency. The inherent uncertainty involved in the act of interpreting this communication involves a degree of uncertainty that, in case of failure, helps to stabilize the plausibility structure of the practice. Due to the interpretational history of the text applied for mantic purposes, rhapsodomantics distinguishes itself from related practices.

In: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations of Divination and Magic
In: Religio-Philosophical Discourses in the Mediterranean World