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Robert Patterson Gordon (RPG) was born in Northern Ireland in 1945 to evangelical Christian parents who ?set an example of faithful Christian living that the author have cherished all through his life'. In 1964 RPG arrived in Cambridge to read Hebrew and Aramaic as a member of St. Catharine's College. Moving from the Faculty of Divinity to the Faculty of Oriental Studies, he served a term as chairman of the Faculty Board in 1997-1998. RPG serves on a number of editorial boards, including Vetus Testamentum, the journal of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (OT). His research interests fall into four main categories: Historiography and Narrative in the historical books of the OT; The OT in its setting in the ancient Near East; The Ancient Versions; The development of OT themes in the New Testament (NT) and in Jewish and Christian tradition.

In: Studies on the Text and Versions of the Hebrew Bible in Honour of Robert Gordon