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Based on two spoken language corpora the chapter investigates clause-linking strategies in the four Selkup dialects (Northern, Central, Southern, Ket). As anticipated from an areal point of view, the main strategies for clause combining are asyndetic structures. This includes juxtaposition and different nonfinite verb forms. Coordination is mostly realized with conjunctions, but asyndetic strategies in the form of juxtaposition do occur. Depending on the type of the subordinate clause and the dialect, Selkup subordination shows a mixture of nonfinite verb forms and copied Russian conjunctions. Selkup uses clause chain constructions combining one or more converbs with a finite verb form which is atypical for Samoyedic languages.

In: Clause Linkage in the Languages of the Ob-Yenisei Area
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The nine contributions collected in this volume deal with clause linkage, focussing on asyndetic constructions that have been little researched in the area of the Ob-Yenisei region. The approaches are in-depth studies of particular languages and mostly based on original data collected in recent fieldworks or from corpora. Differences can be observed, among other things, in a more verbal or nominal use of converbs which take an important role in clause linkage strategies.
In: Clause Linkage in the Languages of the Ob-Yenisei Area