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The Study of Technology in Canada

Landscapes, ‘Lifescapes’, and Curricula


Ann Marie Hill

This chapter examines recent research and developments in the study of technology in Canada and provides an analysis of these developments. Canada is comprised of 10 provinces and 3 territories, each with different landscapes, ‘lifescapes’, and politics. Education is under the jurisdiction of each province/territory. As such, each province/territory is responsible for (1) envisioning and implementing its own elementary and secondary school curricula, (2) establishing policy on what are core/compulsory and complementary/elective courses, (3) setting secondary school graduation requirements, and (4) envisioning how the study of technology factors into school curricula and graduation requirements

Within this political framework, each province/territory approaches the study of technology in different ways and independently names its programme of study for technology. Elementary school curricula across regions is not consistently inclusive of the study of technology, and one finds the study of technology at the secondary school level known by many different names, for example, technological education, technological studies, technical studies, technical education, technology education, practical arts, vocational education, and career studies. The different names represent different grade levels, philosophical underpinnings, and purposes for this curricular area. This chapter uses the term ‘study of technology’ as an overarching term when referring to general discussion and specific names when representing a specific province/territory.