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Ariel Feldman


This paper explores the reworking of the biblical Sinai accounts in 4Q377 3 ii. While previous studies of 4Q377 focused on its depiction of Moses, the retelling of the Sinai theophany in this scroll has not received due attention. The paper scrutinizes the intricate web of biblical allusions in 4Q377 3 ii and analyzes the ways in which it deals with the difficulties embedded in the accounts of the Sinai revelation in Exodus and Deuteronomy. It demonstrates that the scroll’s interpretation of these biblical texts exhibits several similarities with the later Jewish sources.

Ariel Feldman and Faina Feldman


This contribution is the first attempt at deciphering a miniature opistograph 4Q148 included in Józef T. Milik’s DJD 6 edition of tefillin and mezuzot from Qumran Cave 4. It proposes that the partially folded recto of this tiny fragment contains a non- scriptural text. A handful of legible words may suggest a prayer. Its verso, inscribed by a different hand, appears to be a legal text, evoking monetary amounts, perhaps related to inheritance. Folded and fastened similarly to tefillin, 4Q148 might have been a legal document re-used to produce an amulet.