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The modern model of development emphasizes the economy, and treats economic causation as a key factor of global phenomena such as globalization. The article aims to demonstrate that globalization is multidimensional. Moreover, globalization is a global socio-natural process, which was programmed by the features of the Earth and the emergence of mankind as a social stage of global evolution. The authors analyze the evolution of global processes and identify world-historical and universal-global laws. Evolutionary socio-natural processes have three main characteristics: the expansion of the space under development, the growth of the interaction between main components, and the formation of universal forms of further progressive development. This “global triad” will continue into the future, including into space. However, further socio-natural development requires humanity to overcome global problems. The transition to sustainable development as a controlled and balanced form of development will ensure the preservation and co-evolution of the global “society-nature” system.

In: Philosophical Aspects of Globalization: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry