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In: Atomism in Late Medieval Philosophy and Theology
In: A Companion to the Responses to Ockham
This book is the result of a collective attempt to give a general survey of the development of atomism and its critics in the late Middle Ages. All the contributors focussed on the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries atomists and anti-atomists, with a thorough examination of some important figures, as Nicholas of Autrecourt or John Wyclif, and lesser known as Gerard of Odo or William Crathorn for example. From those essays on particular authors a new way of understanding the discussions of atomism in late medieval philosophy and theology emerges. This volume demonstrates the existence of strong and complicated connections between natural philosophy, mathematics and theology in the medieval discussions of the atomistic hypothesis. All chapters present a new research that will be of interest to historians of medieval philosophy, science and theology.

Contributors include: Joël Biard, Sander W. de Boer, Jean Celeyrette, Christophe Grellard, Elżbieta Jung, Emily Michael, John E. Murdoch, Robert Podkoński, Aurélien Robert, and Rega Wood.

Medieval and Early Modern Science, 9
In: Atomism in Late Medieval Philosophy and Theology