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Nederlandse boekhandelscatalogi in het begin van de zeventiende eeuw
Author: B. van Selm
With a summary in English. Awarded with the Menno Hertzbergerprijs 1991.
In: Le magasin de l'univers - The Dutch Republic as the Centre of the European Book Trade
Editor: B. van Selm
Dutch Song-Books

Dutch song books dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. Collection includes books ranging from simple, inexpensive publications to highly illustrated works. Collection based on the bibliography Nederlandsche Liedboeken. Lijst der in Nederland tot het jaar 1800 uitgegeven liedboeken samegesteld onder leiding van D.F. Scheurleer by D.F. Scheurleer. The majority of the books come from the collection held by the Royal Library in The Hague.
In: Quaerendo
Bibliografie van publikaties over particulier boekenbezit in Noord- en Zuid-Nederland, verschenen voor 1991
The Dutch Republic was the greatest clearing-house of European print in the 17th century, and it remained extremely significant during the folllowing century. Complete 'freedom of the press' was still an unknown concept, but in the Dutch Republic censorship was fairly limited compared to many other European countries. Non-Dutch authors were able to publish their books in the Republic, and Dutch book publishers and traders issued translations of works in Latin and European languages that challenged traditional scientific, social and political conventions. Many of these works had a profound influence on European history and culture.

Contents of book sales catalogues are not limited to records of sales of printed objects; auctions also included scientific intstrument, art objects, and "curiosities".

The largest collections of pre-1801 Dutch book sales catalogues are in:
• Amsterdam (Library of the Dutch Book Trade Association, in Amsterdam University Library, c. 950);
• Paris (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, c. 950);
• St. Petersburg (National Library of Russia, c. 830);
• Wolfenbüttel (Herzog August Library, c. 800 catalogues).

The holdings of these libraries have been filmed already.
Liber amicorum Presented to Nico Israel on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday
With contributions on geography, travel, rare books, booktrade, collectors and libraries by C. Koeman, G. Schilder, R. Breugelmans, K. van der Horst, F.A. Janssen, C. Reedijk, J. Storm van Leeuwen, E. Braches, E. Cockx-Indestege, I.H. van Eeghen, H. de la Fontaine Verwey, L. Hellinga-Querido, P.F.J. Obbema, B. van Selm, a.o