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Author: Bert Roest
The history of education within the Franciscan order during the medieval period is presented here in a new light. This comprehensive volume offers a new synthesis of Franciscan education, showing the dynamic development of the Franciscan school network, between the early thirteenth and the early sixteenth century. The organisation of study houses throughout the many Franciscan order provinces are discussed, as well as the relationship between these Franciscan study houses and the medieval universities and the various study programs offered to Franciscan students. Separate chapters are devoted to related issues, such as library formation, the instruction of homiletic techniques, and the formation of Franciscan theological schools of thought.
The work emphasises the dynamics of the Franciscan school network and the importance of extra-curricular activities in the schools at convent and custodial levels.
Author: Bert Roest
This book provides, for the first time, an exhaustive discussion of the Franciscan production of texts of religious instruction during the later medieval period (c. 1210-c. 1550). In eight chapters, it introduces the reader to the most important Franciscan sermon cycles, the Franciscan guidelines for living the life of evangelical perfection, the many Franciscan novice training manuals, the Franciscan catechisms and confession manuals, the Franciscan output of liturgical handbooks, the large number of Franciscan texts containing more wide-ranging forms of religious edification, and Franciscan prayer guides.
This book provides medievalists and Renaissance scholars alike with a new tool to assess the intellectual and religious transformations between the thirteenth and the sixteenth century, and contributes to the current re-interpretation of the late medieval pastoral revolution.
In: A Companion to Medieval Rules and Customaries
In: Medieval and Renaissance Humanism
In: A Companion to Observant Reform in the Late Middle Ages and Beyond
In: A Companion to Observant Reform in the Late Middle Ages and Beyond
In: Aspects of Genre of and Type in Pre-Modern Literary Cultures
In: Franciscans at Prayer
Author: Bert Roest


This article claims that the initial religious aspirations of the Friars Minor were heavily indebted to eremitical ideals, and that these ideals were never totally forgotten, notwithstanding the quick transformation of the Franciscan movement into an order of professional priests and theologians. The article sketches first of all the eremitical roots of the early Franciscan life. Then it covers the representation of early Franciscan hermitages and the eremitical life in the Vitae of Francis, pointing out specific parallels with Athanasius's Life of Antony. Subsequently, it analyses Francis's conception of the eremitical life according to his Regula pro eremitoriis data. It closes with a review of the ways in which eremitical traditions were retained, both as formative elements in the Franciscan handbooks of religious instruction, and as statements of protest and escape from dominant developments within the Order.

In: Church History and Religious Culture