Hashemite Iraq was better integrated into the global cinema that other Arab countries. Baghdad audiences loved film noir, and the US succeeded in displacing the UK as a source of newsreels, as well. During the Cold War’s first decade, Hollywood continued to pump inexpensive productions and aged celluloid through Iraq, including films made under US government contracts. Local viewers responded thoughtfully to such films, engaging themes such as responsibility and guilt. Against this general background, specific allegations that testing of weapons delivery systems for germ warfare continued after the end of the Korean War, are assessed in the light that public health authorities reported a series of outbreaks of meningitis among audiences in Baghdad cinemas.

In: Oriente Moderno
From Film and Theater to Poetry, Art and Song
A wide-ranging study of Prévert’s promethean imagination and creativity in the interwoven realms of theatre, film, poetry, art, photography, and song, Michael Bishop’s Jacques Prévert seeks to demonstrate the originality of a genial fabricator of image and word whose essential focus, unpretentious yet urgently felt, unintellectualised yet buoyantly and wittily intelligent, ever remains the quality of our daily being-in-the-world, the possibility of our self-transformation, the stunning availability – should we truly will it, and despite all that can weigh upon existence, above all ideologically – of joy and love and freedom.
Editor: Michael Bishop
Thirty voices in the feminine offers a considerable range of critical studies devoted to thirty-four contemporary women writers from France. Québec and Acadia: Beauvoir, Ernaux, Yourcenar, Hébert, Duras, Sarraute, Maillet, Cixous, Chawaf, Albiach, Redonnet, Atlan, Sallenave, Monette, Le Dantec, Tellermann, Risset, Hyvrard, Detambel, Reyes, Lejeune, Alonso, Farhoud, Pelletier, Billetdoux, Teyssiéras, Zins, Turcotte, Sebbar, Nimier, Mailhot, D'Amour, Hinschberger, Namiand.
The authors of the studies, from Canada, USA, England and Holland, offer a variety of critical approaches to the work at hand; textual alertness or close analysis frequently is in evidence, however, whether discussion tends to the sociological, the psychological, the interdisciplinary or the stylistic, and all the studies reveal of necessity a profound belief in the great intrinsic and extrinsic value of the literature dealt with, the pertinence of its swarming and challenging feminine consciousness, the power of its often radically rethought form and mode.