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In: Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Volume 8 (2017)
In: Global Pentecostal Movements
In: Globale Christentümer


Although mission is no longer a linear stream that flows from North to South, rarely are Southern missionaries in the West construed as participants in God’s mission. Using the concept of missio Dei, this article contests the claim that Southern missionaries in the West are engaged in reverse mission. Beginning with a brief overview of the missio Dei concept, it discusses the meaning, uses and limitations of the various models of reverse mission. Assessing the spread of African Pentecostalism in the West, it contends that mission cannot be reversed if it is of God. The article concludes that mission is a continuum of what God has done in Christ for the oikos throughout the ages, to which humans are privileged participants.

In: Ecclesiology


Migration has not only led to the growth of African Pentecostalism in Belgium, it has also ignited interest in Pentecostalism’s conceptions of God. This article discusses African Pentecostalism’s articulation of its beliefs about God in an overtly disenchanted Belgian public sphere in which religion is impugned. This article contends that in the secularized West, African Pentecostalism presents a view of God as the anchor of stability in turbulent waters. This God, African Pentecostals aver, is the structuring principle who sustains human well-being. For this reason, praises, prayers, and prophetic proclamations are offered to God, from whom the pentecostal faithful expect healing, deliverance, and miracles.

In: Pneuma
Theologische und religionswissenschaftliche Perspektiven
Das Buch diskutiert Herausforderungen von Einheit, Vielfalt, Globalität, Migration, Entkolonisierung und Konflikten im Feld globaler Christentümer.
Die Studien eröffnen ein interdisziplinäres Feld der Untersuchung von christlichen Formen, Diskursen und Praktiken weltweit und loten verschiedene Theorien und Zugänge aus Religionswissenschaft, Theologie, Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften sowie der Diasporaforschung aus. In den Blick genommen werden die Polyzentrik des Christentums, transkulturalisierende und hybridisierende Dynamiken und Spannungsfelder von Inkulturation und Mission, Globalität und Lokalität, Universalität und Partikularität.