Chanan Ariel

This article deals with several constructions used in Hebrew to express material constitution. In Revival Hebrew, there are three different constructions in parallel use, all of which are also documented in earlier strata of Hebrew. These structures will be examined and compared to the former stages of the language and to their equivalents in contact languages. The article discusses the internal influences on these constructions, examines the effect of contact languages and register on the choice of structure, and also briefly compares the situation in Revival Hebrew with the situation in Contemporary Hebrew.

Alexey (Eliyahu) Yuditsky and Chanan Ariel

This article deals with the puzzling fragment 24 in scroll 4Q541 for which many explanations have been proposed. A fresh examination of the text itself and a comparison to fragment 2ii+3+4i in the same scroll suggests that the topic of the fragment is a dove which seeks asylum from birds of prey. This examination also contributes to understanding some linguistic issues. In light of the semantic field of the verbs meaning ‘physical departure’, ‘forgiveness’ and ‘relinquishing a debt’ we learn about the development of the root מח״ל to the sense ‘to give over into the hands of’. In addition, the morphological form תמחולהי and the masculine form יון (a dove) are accounted for.