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My contribute aims at analyzing the relationships between the poetic act and the origin of the universe, focusing on some Renaissance and Late Renaissance works based on the Bible and Ovid’s Metamorphosis (which represents a theoretical and narrative milestone as well). In the Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings by Michelangelo, and in Shakespeare’s and Ronsard’s work, for example, the act of writing or painting – in its variety of forms, myths and patterns – often correspond to the act of re-creating the world. Accordingly, and basing on some theoretical premises (especially Stephen Greenblatt, Renaissance Self-Fashioning, 1980, and Nelson Goodman, Ways of Worldmaking, 1978), I intend to show how this relationship not only contributed to changing the aesthetic canon, for instance giving a pivotal role to the passion as a creative force, but also redefined the notion of literary creation with a new awareness in the path towards modernity.

In: Myths of Origins
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The articles in Myths of Origins provide insights into the universality of myths of origins as patterns of literary creation from Antiquity to the present. The essays range from an investigation of the six models of beginnings in Western literature to the workings of modern myths of origins in postcolonial literature and relocate the discussion on myths of origin in a wider context that besides the humanities considers linguistics and the impact of new technologies.

The contributing authors to the volume shed light on issues relating to myths of origins by linking this subject to literary creation and adopting a multidisciplinary approach.