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In: Arab Law Quarterly
Classical and Contemporary Studies
This book groups essays which represent the most advanced scholarship on public law in the world of Islam. Whilst the studies cover a wide historical and geographical soan, ranging from early views in classical Islamic texts to the latest decisions of the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court, the importance of Public law in the current debate, within Islamic legal and cultural context, constitutes the thread running through the work. Key issues such as shura (consultation), bay'a (choice or election of rulers), the significance of the shari'a (Islamic law), the structure and role of the courts and of the muftis, the rule of find extensive treatment in studies based on first-hand information by judges, scholars and practitioners.
Since banking and financial industries in countries observing Islamic law and the Shari'a are growing fast, it is essential for the West to obtain a better understanding of the interaction between Islamic law and finance. As all financial business is bound by the Shari'a, western lawyers and economists must consider the extent to which flexibility exists in the western system whereby the two systems, western and Islamic, can be brought closer together. This book presents a collection of papers from distinguishesd authors analysing the various attempts to establish a system of Islamic law and finance and it investigates the modes of operations of institutions adopting the Islamic system, drawing on examples such as Malaysia, Iran and Pakistan, ans Egypt - all of which are international and cover a large economically significant area of operations, laws and taxation systems.
In: Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law Online