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As a relatively new instrument of warfare, drones are an important tool in the global war against terrorism. Its deployment is often couched in the language of self-defence. However such thesis raises several questions with respect to the concept of self-defence. This article will elaborate on the concept of self-defence, first from a historical perspective and second its current understanding. From therof, the deployment of drones will be assesed from two different approaches; namely the sovereign-right and belligerent-right approach.

In: Tilburg Law Review
The last of the Renaissance humanists, Bonaventura Vulcanius, is still a mysterious figure, even though he left a correspondence, at least two Alba amicorum, and a collection of books and manuscripts. Born in Bruges in 1538, the son of a disciple of Erasmus, he spent the troubled decades of 1560 and 1570 in wanderings before his appointment in 1581 as a Professor for Greek and Latin Letters at the University of Leiden. He edited and translated many a rare text, composed dictionaries, sent laudatory poems, and compiled the first chapters of a history of Germanic languages. This volume gathers recent research on this versatile philologist, and includes the first edition of many unpublished works and documents.

Contributors are Karel Bostoen, Hélène Cazes, Thomas M. Conley, Harm-Jan van Dam, Hugues Daussy, Kees Dekker, Jeanine de Landtsheer, Alfons Dewitte, Toon van Hal, Chris L. Heesakkers, Wilhelmina G. Heesakkers-Kamerbeek, Jeltine Ledegang-Keegstra, G.A.C. van der Lem, Kees Meerhoff, Dirk van Miert, Kasper van Ommen, Paul J. Smith and Gilbert Tournoy.