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In: Making Scientific Discoveries

In this paper, Anselm’s argument for the uniqueness of God or, more precisely, something through which everything that exists has its being (Monologion 3) is reconstructed. A first reading of the argument leads to a preliminary reconstruens with one major weakness, namely the incompleteness of a central case distinction. In the successful attempt to construct a more tenable reconstruens some additional premises which are deeply rooted in an Anselmian metaphysics are identified. Anselm’s argument seems to depend on premises such as that if two things have the same nature, then there is one common thing from which they have this nature and in virtue of which they exist. Furthermore it appears that infinite regresses are excluded by the premise that if everything that exists is through something, then there is something through which it is “most truly”.

In: History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis
In: Theory and Practice of Logical Reconstruction: Anselm as a Model Case
In: Logik in den Wissenschaften
In: Sicherheit und Krise
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Die Reihe ISPR ist vornehmlich der Religionsphilosophie gewidmet, aber auch offen für philosophische Grundlagenforschungen verschiedener Art, die einen Religionsbezug haben oder für die philosophische Auseinandersetzung mit Religion relevant sind. In ihr erscheinen Monographien, thematisch fokussierte Sammelbände, aber auch Editionen und Übersetzungen wichtiger Werke. Es gibt keine Beschränkung auf bestimmte philosophische Stile; verbindlich ist für alle Publikationen das Niveau philosophischen Fragens und Denkens, dem sich das Innsbrucker Institut für Christliche Philosophie verpflichtet weiß.
Logical reconstruction is a fundamental philosophical method for achieving clarity concerning the prerequisites, presuppositions and the logical structure of natural language arguments. The scope and limits of this method have become visible not least through its intense application to Anselm of Canterbury’s notorious proofs for the existence of God. This volume collects, on the one hand, reconstructions of Anselmian arguments that take account of the problems of reconstruction and, on the other hand, theoretical reflections on reconstruction with a view to Anselm. We hope that this will allow the reader to critically assess the merits of the theoretical The journal provides a forum for articles in which classical philosophical texts are interpreted by drawing on the resources on modern formal logic. All contributions are double blind peer-reviewed. Information concerning the contents of past volumes (abstracts of all published papers) and plans for future volumes (call for papers, etc.) can be found on the website:
In: Theory and Practice of Logical Reconstruction: Anselm as a Model Case