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Author: Christine Kooi
Leiden was the second largest city of the early modern Dutch Republic. This city became officially Protestant in 1572, but it took fifty years before the Reformed Church settled completely into the city's polity and society. This was largely due to disagreements between the city's ruling elites and the Reformed leaders about how much independence the church should enjoy.
This book examines the establishment and early history of the Reformed community of Leiden. The evolution of the controversy between church and state is examined, from the 1570s, during the Dutch Revolt, to the early 1620s - the beginning of the Dutch Republic's Golden Age. It also examines the consequences of this controversy for Leiden's non-Reformed confessions, especially Catholics, Lutherans and Mennonites, and places the case of Leiden in a wider Dutch and European context.
Papers presented to the Second International Conference of the Leiden Institute for the Study of Religions (LISOR) held at Leiden, 27-28 April 2000  
Studies in Theology and Religion,11

Polemics, as “the art or practice of disputation or controversy”, is a living issue in matters of religion, and is a major object of research for scholars in religious studies and theology. The second international conference of the Leiden Institute for the Study of Religions (LISOR), held at Leiden in April 2000, was devoted to the subject of Religious Polemics in Context, aiming at a further exploration of the notion of religious polemics, together with the unfolding of a wide variety of case-studies from various religious traditions. The volume contains most of the papers read at the conference, and offers contributions on general issues (e.g., by M. Dascal), as well as on particular topics in the fields of history of religion (e.g., Islam), ancient Israel and early Christianity, the history of Christianity, and the social sciences of religion. An annotated bibliography is added to this collection, which may stimulate a further study of the topic.