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So far, it has not been possible to equate the name KꜢ-kꜢ.w of the second king Horus Rꜥ-nb(=i) of the Second Dynasty, written in a cartouche during the Ramesside Period, with a name attested at the time of this dynasty. Taking into account the theory advanced by Jochem Kahl that Horus Rꜥ-nb(=i) is the same ruler as Wng, it is possible to develop a sequence in Hieratic script which leads from Wng to KꜢ-kꜢ.w and is based on a misreading of an Egyptian scribe.

In: Journal of Egyptian History


In Isa 3:24 there is a hapax legomenon פְּתִיגִיל, which so far could not be explained convincingly. This short note suggests to explain the word’s etymology from Napatan tgr “chain” in combination with the Egyptian article p.

In: Vetus Testamentum