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Lanfranc of Bec's Commentary on Saint Paul
Author: Collins
This book examines the manuscripts and text of Lanfranc's commentary on St. Paul to reconsider Lanfranc's influence upon educated culture of the eleventh century. Lanfranc's assimilation of patristic sources and his adaptation of rhetorical methods to biblical exegesis demonstrate his personal theological development as well as expectations he established for his students. Specifically, the commentary indicates a monastic curriculum that was both creative, by combining classical methods and theological inquiry, and conservative, by restricting these methods to the precepts of Ciceronian rhetoric and condemning other masters' methods. Lanfranc's commentary contributes to a broader discussion of the methods under consideration in the schools of northern France in the eleventh century and the possible competition among masters and their conflicting curricula.
Author: Collins
John J. Collins offers readers a model for the scholarly study of all aspects of Judaism, from the Persian period through Late Antiqity, including its influence on early Christianity. The essays are thematically grouped to cover the problem of the Canon in Second Temple Judaism and deal with apocalypticism, the Book of Daniel, the Sibylline Oracles, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Also analyzed is the relationship between Wisdom and the Apocalypticism. This volume brings together over two decades of research by a leading authority in the field of Judaism.

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