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Author: Connie Au


This article aims to explore the development of Pentecostalism in Asia under the tide of globalization since the beginning of the twenty-first century. It will do so in three sections. First, it investigates megachurches and the prosperity gospel in Asian countries and regions that enjoy a greater extent of liberty and where neo-capitalism has emerged. Second, the article discusses the situation of Pentecostalism in countries ruled by totalitarian regimes. Pentecostalism cannot grow freely there, but it is relatively safe for Pentecostals to provide humanitarian relief and social services. Third, the article illustrates how migration as a major phenomenon of globalization has influenced pentecostal mission. It focuses on African Pentecostals who engage in trades in China and the Filipino/a Charismatics who are migrant workers. In the conclusion, the article discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has been reshaping globalization and Pentecostalism and offers a possible way to see the future.

In: Pneuma
Author: Connie Au

This chapter examines how the distance between the elite and the poor was bridged through the missions of the early Pentecostals in Hong Kong. The movement was launched by a group of Chinese elites who left their wealthy church to start mission works for the poor. They provided education for women, fought for tenants who were oppressed by high rents, and launched missions in remote villages. They also published a Chinese Pentecostal newspaper, Pentecostal Truths 五旬節真理報, in simple Chinese language for the benefit of illiterates. Although the church was started by elites, it was for the poor and of the poor. The Pentecostal elites and Pentecostal poor were in communion, and they collaborated for the common good of underprivileged members of society.

In: Global Chinese Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity