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A Study of English Elements in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Composition
Employing a wide variety of sources, this book discusses innovations in food processing and preservation from the Palaeolithic period through the late Roman Empire.
All through the ages, there has been the need to acquire and maintain a consistent food supply leading to the invention of tools and new technologies to process certain plant and animal foods into different and more usable forms. This handbook presents the results of the most recent investigations, identifies controversies, and points to areas needing further work.
It is the first book to focus specifically on ancient food technology, and to discuss the integral role it played in the political, economic, and social fabric of ancient society. Fully documented and lavishly illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings, it will appeal to students and scholars of both the arts and the sciences.
Production and Commerce in Materia Medica
Fermented fish products fulfilled multiple functions in Graeco-Roman society. They were a source of nutrition, a medicine with both dietetic and therapeutic value, and a commodity of trade. Their production and commerce provided employment, even wealth, for many individuals in the western and eastern provinces of the Roman Empire.
The work defines ancient salt-fish products and clarifies their relationship with modern counterparts. Following discussion of the perceived and actual utility of these products in human and veterinary medicine, the author, employing literary, archaeological, epigraphical, papyrological, and numismatic evidence, provides a province- by-province survey of the areas which produced and exported them. The book closes with a discussion of the social status of those involved in their manufacture and trade, the methods used to market them and their fate in the post- classical period.
This study explores an important facet of the Roman economy having continuity with the modern world.
In: 'Cadjan – Kiduhu'
In: Gender Matters
In: Gender Matters