Four species of sharks were recently collected at depths of 1330–1440 m off the eastern Mediterranean coast of Israel. The occurrence of Somniosus rostratus is a first record, while Centrophorus granulosus and Dalatias licha are the first substantiated records in this region. The record of Galeus melastomus at the depth of 1440 m increases its bathymétrie range.


The squirrelfish, Sargocentron rubrum (Forsskål, 1775), is a successful Suez Canal immigrant common along the Mediterranean coast of Israel and caught occasionally in small quantities in commercial catch by trammel net and by hook-and-line. Monthly samples of stomach contents of this fish caught off 'Akko (Acre), Israel, from October 1979 to October 1980 were examined. Decapoda constituted the bulk of the diet, the remainder being Polychaeta, Isopoda, Mollusca and fishes. S. rubrum feeds intensively in summer and lightly in winter. Seasonal predominance of each taxon in the diet was measured by an alimentary coefficient calculated as a product of the frequency and weight percentages. Brachyura constituted 77.8% in summer, 94.7% in fall and winter; Anomura constituted 82.4% in spring. Pisidia longimana, Portunus hastatus, Xantho spp. and Pilumnus hirtellus were the most commonly-found prey. No preference for feeding on Suez Canal invertebrate immigrants of Red Sea origin was observed. It is concluded that S. rubrum inhabits rocky bottom, at depths of 10–40 m and feeds at night.