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In: Krieg sichten
Author: Daniel Šuber
Editor: Bernhard Giesen
This volume brings together essays by such eminent scholars like Shmuel N. Eisenstadt, Mary Douglas, Thomas Luckmann, Reinhart Koselleck, and Jan Assmann on the topic of politics and religion. The relationship between religious and cultural visions on the one hand and socio-political structures on the other becomes elaborated from a wide historical and culturalist perspective. These accounts are flanked by contributions of a younger generation of scholars that focus on new aspects of secularisation.
The book aims at reviving the interdisciplinary discourse on a matter which seems to be crucial to the question of future solidarity between different cultures and religions in a globalising world.
Visual Culture after Yugoslavia
The essays in this collection disclose cultural and political dynamics as they occurred before and in the wake of Yugoslavia's dissolution (1991-92) by analyzing visual data such as film, art, graffiti, street-art, public advertisement, memorials, and monuments. Within the vast field of Balkan Studies such visual materials have rarely been taken for important empirical evidence. Against the still widely held presumption that the cultural production of allegedly "totalitarian" states such as Yugoslavia can be neglected as they were penetrated by state ideology, the contributions offer a corrective image of the complex ideological dynamics and discoursive potentials in various artistic and cultural fields. Phenomena such as "Titostalgia", nationalist mobilization, nation-branding, rewriting of history, inventing of traditions, and symbolic violence that have surfaced in recent years are interpreted in the light of Yugoslavia's legacy.

Contributors include: Zoran Terzić, Elissa Helms, Miklavz Komelj, Nebojša Jovanović, Isabel Ströhle, Sezgin Boynik, Gregor Bulc, Davor Beganović, Robert Alagjozovski, Gal Kirn, Mitja Velikonja, Daniel Šuber, and Slobodan Karamanić.
In: Retracing Images
In: Retracing Images
In: Retracing Images
In: Retracing Images