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The Jews of Medieval Islam

Community, Society and Identity. Proceedings of an International Conference held by the Institute of Jewish Studies, University College London 1992

Edited by Daniel Frank

This volume contains fifteen articles on the communal, social, and intellectual life of medieval Jewry in Islamic lands. The book is divided into three parts. Part I, 'Communities and Their Leaders' is devoted to the old Babylonian center in the East and the Andalusian community in the West. Part II, 'Self-Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Others' investigates the ways in which medieval Jews living under Islam viewed their gentile neighbours and expressed their own identity. Part III, 'Religious Philosophy, Mysticism, and Spirituality in Islam and Judaism' explores the impact of Islamic thought on the Jewish intellectual tradition.
The collection depicts a civilization at once unified and diverse, revealing both consistent patterns of leadership and scholarship as well as distinctively local identities and collective memories.

Daniel Frank, Frank Weigelt, Judit Targarona and Mordechai Cohen

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Gregory Heyworth, Daniel E. O’Sullivan and Frank Coulson

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Kommunikation als Beobachtung

Medienanalysen und Gesellschaftsbilder 1880-1960

Frank Bösch and Rainer Gries

Edited by Daniel Morat and Habbo Knoch

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Les Eschéz d'Amours

A Critical Edition of the Poem and its Latin Glosses


Gregory Heyworth, Daniel E. O'sullivan and Frank Coulson

Les Eschéz d’Amours may be the last great medieval allegory to find its way into a modern edition. In the tradition of the Roman de la Rose, the Eschéz surveys matters of love, politics, economics, music, medicine, and chess through the lens of classical and Scholastic learning. In addition to the first 16,293 (of over 30,000) verses newly edited out of the manuscripts, the editors present a complete apparatus of literary, historical and linguistic essays that place the poem in the context of the scholarly and courtly life of late 14th century Paris. The important Latin glosses of the Venice manuscript of the Eschéz follow in an edition of their own, with critical notes and translation.
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Kimberly Tenggardjaja, Alexis Jackson, Frank Leon, Ernesto Azzurro, Daniel Golani and Giacomo Bernardi

Our current understanding of the mechanisms that lead to successful biological invasions is limited. Although local adaptation plays a central role in biological invasions, genetic studies have failed to produce a unified theory so far. The bluespotted cornetfish, a recent invader of the Mediterranean Sea from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal, provides an ideal case study to research the mechanisms of invasive genetics. Previous genetic work based on mitochondrial markers has shown the genetic diversity of the Mediterranean population was greatly reduced in comparison to the natural population in the Red Sea. In the current study, we expand upon these studies by adding mitochondrial and nuclear markers. Mitochondrial results confirm previous findings. The nuclear marker, however, does not show evidence of reduction in diversity. We interpret these results as either a differential dispersal capability in males and females, or the presence of selection on the invading Mediterranean population.

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Uwe Franke, Christian Wagner, Michael Becker, Hans-Joachim Lauth, Peter Thiery, Daniel Buhr, Josef Schmid, Manfred Mols, Karl-Rudolf Korte, Frank Schimmelfennig, Christian Welzel, Gerd Mielke, Christoph Wagner M.A., Ulrich Eith, Jörg Faust and Jenniver Sehring

Edited by Hans-Joachim Lauth and Christian Wagner