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In the 18th century, new medical findings led to an increasing fear of the burial of the so-called seemingly dead. While the Jewish Lumières criticized the early burial common in Judaism for being backward and demanded its abolition, the rabbinic authorities opposed any kind of innovation. The heated debate referred to as the burial controversy is considered the first and paradigmatic inner-Jewish reform controversy in the early era of emancipation.

in Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Cultures Online

1. Jews in the world: There are about 13,000,000 Jews in the world. In most countries outside of Israel, they are a small, vanishing minority. Their quantitative representation, however, is scarcely proportionate to their qualitative importance. In their own self-concept, the Jewish people are the ‘whirlwind of world history’; nor are they alone in this estimate. One need only pick up the paper, or glance at a TV guide, to measure the importance of the Jewish theme. Anti-Semites are so obsessed with the omnipresence of the Jews that they have invented the myth of a Jewish world conspiracy, and glimpse Jewish machinations behind every occurrence. This negative anti-Semitic perception of Jews as ‘foreigners’ par excellence is the verso of the positive Jewish self-perception. There are at least two reasons for Judaism's towering importance, one of them religious and the other political.

in The Brill Dictionary of Religion Online

Aufgrund neuer medizinischer Erkenntnisse wuchs im späten 18. Jahrhundert die Angst vor der Beerdigung sogenannter Scheintoter. Während die jüdischen Aufklärer die im Judentum übliche frühe Beerdigung als rückständig kritisierten und ihre Abschaffung forderten, widersetzten sich die rabbinischen Autoritäten jeglicher Neuerung. Die als Beerdigungsstreit bezeichnete heftig geführte Debatte gilt als erste und paradigmatische innerjüdische Reformkontroverse am Beginn des Emanzipationszeitalters.

in Enzyklopädie jüdischer Geschichte und Kultur
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