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Daniel Patrick Morgan (墨子涵) and Karine Chemla (林力娜)

Refining our previous study in Jianbo 簡帛 12 (2016), this article examines the back-and-forth between scribal hands in the Suan shu shu 筭數書 from Zhangjiashan 張家山 M247 (sealed ≥186 b.c.e.). Introducing an improved methodology, we establish a link between one of the Suan shu shu’s scriptors and four other manuscripts in the same tomb, offering a hand-informed reading of the former to hypothesize what this means.

以《簡帛》第12輯(2016 年)的原作爲基礎,本文對張家山247號漢墓《筭數書》寫手輪流交替書寫的現象進行分析。在介紹我們對原有方法論的改進後,本文把《筭數書》的兩位寫手之一與隨葬的四種文本串聯,再由字跡、文意對讀解釋其意味。