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In: Religion and the Body
In: Religion and the Body
In: The Sacred and its Scholars
In: Comparing Religions

ABSTRACTDavid Cavers devotes his general course on private international law on the situation in the United States (in 1970). He begins the course by presenting a legal system of the United States and its private international law. He then presents some persistent conceptual problems, and new approaches emerging in international law to the choice of tort law. He examines three clusters of problems in choice of tort law. He focuses on the issues of property rights, contracts, marriage, and divorce. Finally, he examines emerging trends in the determination of judicial jurisdiction.

David Cavers base son cours général de droit international privé sur la situation telle qu'elle se présente aux Etats-Unis (en 1970). Il commence par présenter le système juridique des Etats-Unis et son droit international privé. Il présente ensuite quelques problèmes conceptuels qui restent irrésolus, puis les nouvelles approches qui se font jour en matière de droit international de la responsabilité extracontractuelle. Il étudie ensuite trois séries de problèmes en matière de responsabilité extracontractuelle. Il s'intéresse ensuite aux questions du droit de propriété, aux contrats, au mariage, au divorce. Enfin, il examine les nouvelles tendances qui apparaissent en matière de détermination de la compétence judiciaire.

In: Religion and the Body
Modern Science and the Construction of Religious Meaning
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This book reflects on the implications of neurobiology and the scientific worldview on aspects of religious experience, belief, and practice. Just as interest in the neurosciences and related fields has burgeoned in contemporary society, interest in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive studies is also growing within the religious studies academy, and reflection on these shifts is well overdue. How do religious practitioners negotiate the interconnection of science and religion? What can the neurosciences add to scholars’ understanding of religion and to how humans construct religious meaning? Chapters address these questions by investigating religious experience and authority, the cultural construction and deconstruction of the body, and cross-cultural appropriations of the body.
In: Religion and the Body
In: Religion and the Body