David Tucker

This paper begins by arguing that Beckett's changing uses of a single word between 1932 and 1945 can be read as a microcosm of broader changes in his work following his reading of Geulincx in 1936. Beckett had used the word pre-1936, yet his uses of it alter after that time; similarly, he had already been occupied with a number of the themes that would be foregrounded by Geulincx, but his treatment of them shifts in his work after this encounter. In particular, the Geulingian concept of 'autology,' or self-inspection, provides a clue to Beckett's creative process in the Ur-.

David P. Calleo, George Liska, Robert E. Osgood and Tucker, Robert W.


Karl Kutz, Rebekah Josberger, Ruben Alvarado, Thomas Belcastro, Haley Kirkpatrick, Scott Lindsley, Rebecca McMartin, Jonathan Noble, Daniel Somboonsiri, Lynsey Stepan and David Tucker